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You've probably heard rumors about the rock group, and you've maybe even heard about a well known and notorious organized crime syndicate trying to silence their music. Now, thanks to the freedom of speech of the Internet, the El Queso Allstars and Enturbulator 009 are back -- and they're bad and meaner than ever! Oh boy howdy and are they ever!

The notorious Scientology® organization engages in a written policy known as "Fair Game" against Human Rights activists and Freedom of Speech Rights activists whenever they dare to speak out about Scientology's® history. But when the El Queso Allstars started singing about L. Ron Hubbard and his criminal Scientology® organization, that made the cult so insane with hatred that they added these rock musicians to their "Fair Game" hit list.

And oh man, that was bad enough but the cult's violent hatred launched off into new levels of red-faced screaming hatred never before seen outside of Klan rallies when a new rock group called Enturbulator 009 came out!

What's the fuss? Why would a shock rock band incur the wrath of a notorious organized crime syndicate?

Listen to some of their music and find out!

Here's "Commodore Rimjob" likely the most vulgar, disgusting, socially repugnant song you'll ever listen to. Does it upset the Scientology crooks that are discussed in the song? You bet! Is anything illegal or libelous about it? Of course not! Everything the rock group sings about has its basis in L. Ron Hubbard's well documented history. Is it a matter of freedom of speech? Hell yes! Does the Scientology crime syndicate hate freedom of speech? Sure looks like it, yep! Poor little clams.

Here's "Make Money, Make More Money," one of the best, detailed examinations into the criminal history of Scientology which focuses upon the primary written policy of the organization. Organized crime syndicates have the same primary governing policy as the Scientology organization does. Is that a coincidence? Nope!

Here's "8 Million Clams" where the El Queso Allstars take a good hard look at the totally insane claims the Scientology crime syndicate makes about how many victims they've suckered. The fact is that there are likely less than 40,000 followers around the world left after the advent of the Internet made " The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" lose followers like a drunk losing his lunch.

Here's "Bigotwatch This!" -- ""I'll never come now!" -- Here's the El Queso Allstars's response to the Scientology crime syndicate's complaints about how their music some how "religious bigotry." See, when you talk about Scientology's® crimes -- like the killing of Lisa McPherson, that's called "religious bigotry." Apparently the Scientology crime syndicate believes it has the religious right to kill. Can anybody play that game, too?

And just for fun, here's Scientology's International President Heber Jentzsch screaming like an insane lunatic on a Bryant Gumbel television interview. Does it look like Heber's trying to hide something when he's asked about the murder of Lisa McPherson? Does his screaming lunatic ranting offer any indication as to what Scientology does to otherwise sane people?

News Update!

Scientology apparently lied to MP3.COM which stupidly (and perhaps even criminally) handed over El Queso's identity to the Scientology crime syndicate. Scientology hates freedom of speech!

Here's a note from a Scientologist to the El Queso Allstars which you might find interesting -- and very telling:

22 Feb 2002 13:48:56
dpchitester@yahoo.com (Phil Chitester)

I see. Just as I predicted. Too bad your own song promoter or server turned you in. Made it quite easy for the Church to now sue and sue heavy, huh?

It would never occur to you that there was or is no excuse whatsoever to slander or libel ethical people or their religious groups, would it? Of course not. You don't have a clue what a religion is anyway, right?

You apparently didn't read the Way to Happiness precepts in time, I guess. You know, especially the one about not harming people of good will?

I would hope that at a minimum you would come to your senses immediately, and remove all the derogatory materials you have created or have posted in the public view. There is no justification for your evil products. You never knew L. Ron Hubbard.

It doesn't apparently strike you that what you call 'free expression' is actually a derogatory and destructive practice which may adversely affect millions of lives. There really is no such right, or I might be found pissing all over the library carpet here, as a 'free expression' of how I feel you should be treated.

Everything you do is violent or irresponsible. One or the other, in the sense of being analagous due to the amount of actual harm which you cause or wish you were causing.

What you call truth is alter-is, distortion, ridicule, lies, etc. In other words, overt products, or those which do more harm than any good which you conceive in your tiny twisted imagination is happening when it is actually not.

And if you knew Hubbard personally really, or knew Scientology, you would perhaps fail to see much humor in it at all.

It is not humor, it is banal ridicule, and based upon unfounded derogatory allegations. Why did you ever listen to such things?

Satire is only valid if the data you operate on about the target is valid. You have lots of false data. I do hope you realize this eventually. The sooner the better of course.

Who can say that it is reasonable to be expected to be 'used to' being electroshocked, or to be 'used to' being derogatorily lied about in the press? It is not necessarily a reasonable expectation. That is why there are laws and courts and such, perhaps, because it is not reasonable, it actually speaks only of your particular brand of insanity for you to think any such thing.

What if I go in and spy on the desk of Helena without her knowledge, using my OT abilities, assuming that I have such capability? How many pages of critical garbage will you spew about me then?

Harrassed? How can you whine about such an eventuality when what you've been doing is tantamount to torturing a hapless prisoner of war (the Church and Hubbard) for years and years on end with electricity or whips and chains. That is a typical Nazi thing to do. Only they wouldn't be interested in it after a while. You however, still continue to be, apparently.

Why? Why pick on an innocent religion? Psyches implanted that engram command in you pretty hard, didn't they? Don't you realize that you are merely demonstrating that you couldn't possibly not obey that engram command, no matter how hard you tried?

Lots of people are lied to by yourself. Lots of people believe the lies. That it why is so crucial that you wise up. But never mind, you never will. You'll have to be put away.

Actually I may have known you before this life, although I have not had that confirmed yet with an e-meter, I believe it was over 200,000 years ago now and as think I recall (dimly) you were not quite as stupid are you are demonstrating yourself to be now, but not much smarter either. Perhaps this time around you will grow up and face the facts. Perhaps not.

El Queso wrote in part:

> I am solo - not part of any group of critics. I am not paid,
> except in SLACK, which you find valueless though you try to
> steal it from others.

I am not familiar with it, it sounds like a squirrel concept. One which benefits no one. Isn't that so?

Aren't you just dramatizing something?

The fairness of illegality in specific instances is a matter for philosophers to judge, don't you think? Isn't the Scientology Church full of such people, and you disqualified to judge any such things?

I doubt if anything you feel or say is anything but feeble excuses for your failings anymore. You are ridiculous beyond belief.

If you are such a good guy, as you used to be before you bought into lies about Scientology, why not prove it?

Ah hah, you cannot prove that which is not true, eh? I thought not. Neither can I. I cannot prove otherwise than that in spite of anything you have said, you are just a worthless piece of shit, when it comes to logic and reason.


Typical insane Scientology response to the accurate facts depicted in the El Queso Allstars' music. Freedom of speech is Scientology's enemy. All the crimes enumerated in the El Queso songs that are a matter of public court record are glibly ignored by the criminal cult and instead the nutters bleat "religious persecution" and in effect demand that they some how have the right to engage in the very criminal acts the El Queso Allstars enumerate in their songs claiming they have the religious right to engage in such crimes.

MP3.COM turned the identity of the rock group over to organized crime apparently without batting an eye or thinking of the consequences -- or the health and safety of the performers.


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